The Benefits of a Bigger Penis

In some cases, an abnormally small penis is a purely medical concern, where the penis is well below the human average in size and can thus provoke health problems such as complications during urination. This condition is known as “Micropenis” and is generally associated with birth defects and hormone deficiencies during development in the womb or immediately following birth. The most common treatment for this condition is a short stint of intensive hormone therapy. Surgical remediation is rarely used as the results have been shown to be largely ineffective.

Personal reasons for enlarging penises that are not so small as to warrant medical attention are more associated with psychological well-being and, apart from exaggerated and unreasonable cases, are quite valid. It is no coincidence that very few men talk about the harrowing experiences they have had in public, office and school urinals. Unlike women, men are generally forced to expose their penises to the curious eyes of onlookers and, while many readers may smirk, it can be so traumatic for some, that the effects are carried throughout the rest of their lives.

School urinals are especially disastrous, as penis sizes vary wildly according to children’s growth phases, and spectators, who are understandably still immature, can be particularly callous in their observations and their willingness to disseminate the news amongst their peers.

And then we come out of adolescence, shocked, scarred and afraid. By now we’ve heard countless rap heroes and heroines respectively recounting how big theirs is and how big they want it to be. And in the real world the average man’s penis is unlikely to be as big as they would like. But even if we have not been driven to insanity during the dark teenage years, and our now fully-developed frontal lobes equip us with the reason, perspective and proportion that comes with maturity, the desire for a larger penis does not wane.

The reasons behind this desire should, however, also come of age, so to speak. A bigger penis for a normal, well-balanced contributor to society should never be about wielding some kind of terrifying new weapon, or besting your peers with a sword they cannot hope to rival in length. In fact, a bigger penis shouldn’t really be about you at all, directly, that is. The real benefit from a larger penis is the added pleasure you can give your partner in the bedroom.

It is about shifting your attention away from whether or not they are feeling anything to when, how and where your partner gets worked up the most. A bigger penis can give you the confidence to take your sexual prowess to new levels and drive your partner to climax as many times as you, if not more. You won’t find real men measuring each other’s penises in the toilets, you’ll find them caressing their partners and asking what they liked and didn’t like, and what they would perhaps like to try next time. That is real love; that is real sex.

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