Free SizeGenetics Offer

Free SizeGenetics Offer

“Can you really get a free SizeGenetics device for yourself? Find out the truth here … ”

Free SizeGenetics System

Get yourself a FREE SizeGenetics device? Yes, you can but there are some conditions you need to fulfill first, as always.

As you probably know, the SizeGenetics system (consisting of the device plus exercises) is a reputable penis enlargement product many have come to trust. It works, period.

So if it is so popular, why does the vendor want to give it away for free instead of selling it? There is a catch of course – they want your testimonials since not many paying users are willing to give their testimonials on such a personal matter. Read on…


How to get a free SizeGenetics system for yourself 🙂

The vendor for SizeGenetics is offering to give you a free SizeGenetics system if you are game enough. Their motivation? They want your testimonials (with before and after pics of your member).

Here’s how the free SizeGenetics offer works :-

Take a “before” picture of your penis next to a measuring tape

Use the SizeGenetics device and after you have seen gains, take an “after” pic of your penis next to the tape

You don’t have to include your face, just your penis and a measuring tape

Send in your testimonial, the vendor will refund the FULL COST of the system within 30 days. You will receive a check and a thank you letter too.

So that’s it. That’s how you can get your SizeGenetics device for free. You must be wondering if you need to buy it, then why is it considered free, right? The reason is that this is the only way the vendor can make sure that they can get your pics.

Imagine if they just give the device to you for free(without you paying upfront), would you bother to send in your pics? No sane man will!

So it is only fair that they ask you to pay for the system first and then give you a full refund later. What if the device don’t work? You still have the 6 month money back guarantee to count on.

More details on how to get a free SizeGenetics device or system here ==>

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