Workout Ideas to Help Avoid Penis Pain

Staying in shape can be tough, especially when delicate penis skin pays the price for all that sweaty action. While strenuous workouts are a great way to lose extra pounds, keep the heart healthy and encourage better overall health, a man should keep good penis care in mind before he hits the gym. A chafed penis is often an unfortunate side effect of all that great exercise, and penis pain might also be a result. Understanding how to prevent both is a surefire way to keep good health all around – for the penis and the rest of the body.

Workout tips for avoiding penis pain

When all a guy wants is a heart-pounding workout, the last thing he wants to deal with is a chafed penis after the fact. The good news is that with some careful prep, a man can avoid the penis pain that might occur after a long day at the gym. Here’s how.

1. Trim things up down there. For most men, the thatch of hair between the legs is rather wiry and rough. This means that the delicate penis skin is constantly rubbing against it. Besides that, hair can trap moisture, which can lead to rank penis odor after a powerful workout. A quick trim is the answer. Use scissors instead of a razor – though a razor might get things perfectly neat down there, a little bit of hair is actually softer at the tips, which means less irritation on the delicate skin.

2. Use lubricants or powder. Depending upon the exercise a man undertakes, he might want to try keeping things either slicker or drier. Lubricants are great for those who run long distances or do otherwise strenuous cardio activities, as they allow the penis and surrounding skin to slip and slide against each other. This reduces friction, which in turn lessens penis pain and irritation. On the other hand, using powder keeps things dry and prevents skin from ‘sticking’ together. This might be helpful for those who get their kicks from rigorous strength training.

3. Wear the best shorts. Though there are numerous options for workout shorts, from the very loose ‘basketball’ shorts to the ultra-tight ‘biking’ shorts, a man should look at the materials to make his decision. Cotton clothing, though quite comfortable most of the time, can bunch up during exercise and lead to a chafed penis. Polyester traps heat and moisture, leading to a serious odor situation. A man should look for a wicking material that promises to pull the moisture from the skin. He should also choose shorts that support the boys as much as possible while allowing for freedom of movement.

4. Clean very thoroughly afterward. There is nothing like a pool of sweat to make a man feel less than fresh. In fact, the scent that emanates from the penis after a good workout can be enough to make any man cringe. Washing away all that sweat and following it with a careful towel-drying can help alleviate the issues of penis chafing. A man should do this every single time he works out. If he doesn’t, he’s inviting eventual penis irritation, redness and pain.

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SizeGenetics Device Refund Policy

Thеrе іѕ ԛuіtе a bit оf buzz оn thе internet thеѕе days аbоut thе SizeGenetics device. Thіѕ apparatus, classified аѕ a type оnе medical device іn bоth thе United States аnd thе European Union, uѕеѕ thе principle оf traction tо gradually аnd permanently induce size аnd girth increases іn thе penis. Thе device іѕ state оf thе аrt аnd, аѕ оnе mіght expect, rаthеr pricey. Thеrеfоrе, men whо аrе interested іn trуіng thе device but аrе skeptical аnd hesitant tо shell оut nеаrlу fоur hundrеd dollars wоuld dо thеmѕеlvеѕ a favor bу bесоmіng familiar wіth thе SizeGenetics refund policy.

Thе SizeGenetics device соmеѕ wіth a liberal ѕіx month return policy. Hоwеvеr, claiming thе refund іѕ nоt аѕ easy аѕ simply packaging uр thе product аnd sending іt bасk. In order tо qualify fоr thе refund, individuals muѕt fоllоw сеrtаіn procedures аnd muѕt аlѕо affirm thаt thеу hаvе uѕеd thе product іn accordance wіth thе terms аnd conditions spelled оut оn thе SizeGenetics website.

Users whо wіѕh tо claim a refund muѕt affirm thаt thеу hаvе uѕеd thе device fоr аt lеаѕt оnе hundrеd аnd twenty days (four months) аnd hаvе ѕееn nо increase іn size аnd girth. Additionally, users muѕt fill оut аn online fоrm, print thе fоrm, аnd return thе signed fоrm wіth thе SizeGenetics device, original packaging, аnd аnу ancillary items thаt саmе wіth thе device (such аѕ extra parts оr carrying cases).

Thе manufacturer’s оf thе SizeGenetics device аrе aware thаt ѕоmе unscrupulous users mау bе inclined tо lіе аbоut gаіnѕ tо obtain a refund, but thе hоре іѕ thаt thе extra sales frоm thоѕе whо аrе uncertain аbоut thе device аnd wіll оnlу соnѕіdеr purchasing аѕ lоng a refund policy іѕ іn рlасе wіll offset losses frоm users whо wоuld uѕе thе policy іn unethical wауѕ.

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Penis Skin Bleaching Could Be Risky

Probably no skin on the body is as delicate as penis skin, a fact which may be surprising due to its obvious durability. After all, penis skin is subjected to significant degrees of friction during sexual activity and generally comes out with, at worst, a bit of rawness. But the skin is indeed quite sensitive, which is one reason why men who are considering penis bleaching may need to give the matter serious thought. Bleaching can have some consequences for penis health, so a man needs to be well informed before taking a step in this direction.

Why bleaching?

A lot of men may ask, “Why would a guy considering bleaching his penis in the first place?’ And that’s a reasonable question. There are usually two reasons.

For starters, a man may simply feel uncomfortable if there is a significant difference in the coloration of his penis compared to the coloration of the rest of the skin in the area or over the body as a whole. This tends to be an issue only in some men whose skin is light in hue.

Why would the penis be such a different color than the rest of the body? Because penis skin is so thin (in order to better pick up the pleasurable feelings that occur from rubbing it), the blood in the penis provides a redder sheen to the organ. This is especially true when the penis is erect, as the floodgates that hold back blood are opened and the entire body part becomes engorged. In light-skinned men, the penis can become a distinctive dark red color, which may be in contrast to the skin around it.

The other reason is that some men may suffer from “patchiness” on the penis skin. For example, a man may have vitiligo, a disease which can cause discoloration on portions of the skin, including part of the penis skin. A man may feel self-conscious about this and worry that it makes his penis look less desirable. In such cases, he may consider bleaching as a way to achieve a uniform, consistent color to his penis skin.


Although a man may decide he wants to bleach his penis, it’s important that he realizes “bleaching” is a euphemism here. He wants to lighten his penis skin, but he does not want to actually apply bleach to the penis. Most household bleaches are chlorine-based, and while a little chlorine in the swimming pool may be a fine idea, applying chlorine bleach directly to the penis (even in diluted form) is dangerous and should never be attempted.

The same goes for peroxide bleaches. These are somewhat less harsh than chlorine, but they are still far too strong for use on skin.

Instead, a man should first consult with a doctor (always!) and then select a bleaching process that uses natural ingredients, as these are less likely to cause severe problems. However, these options still need to be applied with proper caution and while following a doctor’s directions. It’s even better to let an experienced doctor apply them instead.

Some possible natural ingredients to use include:

– Lemon juice. Acidic lemon juice will exfoliate the skin, revealing the lighter “fresh” skin underneath.

Licorice extract. This works on the same principle as lemon juice.

Milk. Milk’s lactic acid also exfoliates the skin and is gentler than lemon juice or licorice.

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Diet and Erection Size? Improve Your Sexual Performance Through Food And Health Habits

Who else worries about their erection size? Have you ever found yourself feeling self-conscious about your anatomy during sex? Do you wonder if your partner wants more, craves more or needs a better “fit” to meet THEIR deepest needs? The truth, erection size insecurity is one of the biggest reasons many men feel inadequate in bed. Believe it or not, in today’s culture, there is much of a stigma around the size of a man’s anatomy.

The proliferation of locker room jokes, adult entertainment and even online gossip has perpetuated a stereotype that unless you “fit” a certain size mold, you can’t please your partner in bed. Whether these ideas are true is NOT the purpose of this article. Instead, we want to take a quick and easy look at how you can naturally and nutritionally improve the size and strength of your erection through dietary and lifestyle changes alone. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

How Lifestyle Affects Erection Size

The 3 biggest factors that influence sexual performance are fairly easy to follow.

  1. Diet. (what you put into your body from a nutritional standpoint)
  2. Habit (are they supportive or destructive?)
  3. Health (do you have any underlying more serious issues that apply to sexual performance?)

Health is something that is beyond the scope of this article, as it can include all sorts of other underlying factors. (you can do all the right things, and yet, still be unlucky) But diet and habit DIRECTLY affect erection size and strength, sexual performance and even how much you ENJOY sex, so it’s what we’ll quickly cover here.

Habits that affect erection size negatively?

Cigarettes and alcohol both constrict blood vessels. They also affect the quality of the blood that flows to and through the extremities of the body. The truth is, your erection is directly regulated by how much blood can flow to and through your penis. If the quality of that blood is low, and poorly oxygenated, your erection size will suffer.

Moreover, if you smoke, you can expect to have an erection that FEELS 20% less firm, by dint of less blood being able to get there! If you add in alcohol, you can potentially cause your blood vessels to constrict another 20%, leading to dramatically softer erections.

What you EAT can have a similar affect

For example? Foods high in saturated fat can have a similar affect on blood flow. Highly processed foods with refined sugar, white flour and other additives are also a no no if you truly care about how long and strong your erection will grow.

The BEST things to put in your body are simple:

Leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach. These plants have all sorts of natural compounds that are not only great for your body, but will help supercharge the oxygen levels in your blood supply in 72 hours or less.

Oily fish like salmon and sardines. These are great for their high levels of omega fatty acids, and a host of other unique amino acids which are really great for sexual and reproductive health!

Blueberries, blackberries and cherries. High in phytochemical that can reduce inflammation (the bad kind!) while triggering anti-aging affects in the body that can aid in sexual performance as well.

Lastly, visualization! Believe it or not, you can visualize your way to becoming better in bed, and that includes a longer, stronger erection as well. Here is how. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can cause Erectile Dysfunction, or the lack of ANY blood flow to your erection.

Mindfulness meditation, concentration and visualization exercises are a great way to reduce cortisol, while increasing testosterone, especially if you do these with very specific exercises, body manipulations and power poses.

The good news?

While all of this is just an overview, you DONT’ need to suffer from a soft erection, or be “bad” in bed one day longer than you want. You can take control of your sexual power, and you can do it naturally… starting today!

Be sure to check out Sizegenetics

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