Does penis size really matter to women?

Women want the best sex possible with their men. Men want great sex without any performance Most men give a huge mount of attention to their penis size. For most men and their partners, penis size does matter.

Remember that a longer, thicker penis can reach more of a woman’s most sensitive pleasure nerves which gives you both more pleasure.

She will seem tighter for you and you will fully fill and stretch her, guaranteeing a powerful orgasm every time.

The bottom line is that penis size matters if your penis size makes you feel uncomfortable around women.

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What women say about penis size

Women talk. And chances are if you are with a women who knows you have a small penis, her girlfriends probably know too. They may even joke about it which kills your self esteem even more. But what if you had a big 7 or 8 inches?

This would not only impress your girl but all her friends would want in on the action!

This is because most women prefer a big penis over a smaller one. With a big, long meaty penis, they can get more stimulation and pleasure during intercourse. To many women, penis girth or thickness matters more than having a big penis length.

Gina had this story to tell about the question “does penis size really matter to women”.
“I have been dating a man who I think is wonderful. We talk about everything and our relationship is great. The problem is that when we have sex, I can’t feel his penis inside of me. There is just no contact with my clitoris. It doesn’t matter how long he goes, I can’t feel his cock.

With other partners, I could reach reach orgasm within a couple of minutes, but his penis is so small, I just can’t. I feel embarrassed going on about specifics, but his penis is about 4 1/2 inches long and very thin. I try to convince myself that his small penis size does not matter, but the truth is that I crave and deserve good sex and full orgasms.

Not only can I not come, but I am worried that he can’t feel much either, which makes me feel like less of a woman with him. I don’t know what other women do in this type of situation, but I’m not sure I can go on like this. This guy and I get along so well, and everything is so great, but the sex is so unsatisfying. What can I do?”

How to deal with a small penis when penis size really matters

There are a few things they can try, but the hardest part is that first she has to be able to tell him about the small penis problem – which is probably going to be difficult, to say the least.

Can you imagine how tough it would be for a woman to tell her man that she cares deeply about that she can’t feel his penis inside her during sex?

Using foreplay and massage techniques to make up for a small penis

Does penis size really matter in sex? Yes it does

There are many ways to enjoy sex with a small penis and pleasure a woman with an average penis size. One way is to learn foreplay, oral, massage and other sex secrets sure to warm her up.

One site that has tons of video techniques and tutorials explained by hot models is (LoveCentria is also part of the highly recommended SizeGenetics penis enlargement device system which will help you enlarge your penis and learn how to use it).

LoveCentria helped my wife and I discover new hot sex positions and has hundreds of these sex positions so you can fill up your arsenal with smokin’ hot sex techniques and take control in the bedroom.

Your girl will love this and you could even watch videos with her so she can tell you what she likes.

Use sex positions to make a small penis seem bigger or make sex fantastic with a bigger penis through natural penis enlargement, which takes us to…

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How to enlarge your penis naturally

Natural penis enlargement is another way to avoid worrying about questions like “does penis size matter’. There are now clinically proven penis extenders and exercises you can use at home to safely gain a larger penis size.

In no time at all, you can be seeing a 100% real increase in both your penis length and girth, without anyone knowing about it.

Enlarge your penis at home with a simple device and easy exercises

There are sites that give you access to effective penis enlargement exercises which can be used to add extra inches to your penis. These can be done anytime you get 10-30 minutes for yourself and once you work these techniqes into your lifestyle, you’ll benefit from a bigger penis, rock hard erections and more stamina for life.

Another option which requires much less work is to simply use a penis extender every day. A few hours a day wearing a comfortable stretcher will grow your penis longer and thicker over just a few months.

For the best results, combine use of a penis extender with regular exercise workouts and you will be amazed at the fast gains you see in almost no time at all.

Getting the right solution to save money and see great results

Avoid spending lots of money buying separate products and get a complete system like SizeGenetics. Your best option is to attack penis enlargement from all angles to ensure the fast, steady growth every PE user wants to see.

Is it safe? Does it work? Yes. SizeGenetics is recommended around the world by top mens health doctors and is clinically proven in many separate studies to work.

It can enlarge your penis, give you more confidence and it can even help you get rid of a penis curve, but only if you order now and try it. The greatest thing about SizeGenetics is you see fast results so you want to keep using it.

Your penis can grow as long as you want, but be careful not to go over 9 inches as this can be painful for most women.

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Risks of penis enlargement surgery

Surgery – Penis size has always mattered to men, but the methods used to gain that extra size were not always as safe and secure as they are today.

Surgery was a popular method a few years back yet today, surgeons are recommending men to try natural methods before resorting to surgery.

After all, penis augmentation surgery produces artifical results, is painful, very costly, and almost never works out 100% as planned. Penis enlargement surgery is not an exact science and the methods used can hurt your penis, and wallet, more than giving you the results you want.

For best long term results, use a penis extender and exercises which guarantee you fast, safe, effective and real penis growth and many other sexual benefits.

Fast Size Gains from a Safe, Effective Penis Enlargement Device

After the surgery, a penis enlargement traction device (a handheld comfortable penis stretching device) will most always be used for a few months to avoid losing any gains, and adding extra size through the added penis stretching.

The new SizeGenetics has a padded rubber strap which means you can wear it longer and see faster results.

So what’s the use of going under the knife if the penis extender device can give you the bigger penis size you want without surgery?

The operations help keep doctors in business who do not tell their patients about penis extenders they can use at home.

The downside for these men is they may suffer from a now outdated and more painful and costly technique than is needed to gain the bigger penis they want.

Surgery can cause scar tissue, deformities and erection problems with even the simplest slip up, and there’s no going back!

Use of a penis traction device is now a genuine alternative to surgery, and the only safe, clinically proven and guaranteed effective way to achieve a bigger penis fast.

Penis size matters for better sex and greater confidence, but remember to stay safe and know which penis enlargement techniques are available. Don’t buy a cheap penis enlargement device or think surgery is the only option.

Buy a quality penis extender that will give you the steady length and girth gains that make all the difference both in and out of the bedroom.

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