Banana Type of Erection

Do you think that you are the only person who has a banana type penis? Well, no, you are not alone. Some known urologists have said that approximately 388 men out of 100,000 experience penile curvatures. This means if the next time you go to a gymnasium and sense self-conscious, just don’t be anxious because all these men have also been there.

So, here comes the big news for you as you don’t need to put up with this and also you can get rid from trials of surgeries and intra-penile steroid vaccinations to place it correctly. SizeGenetics can help you out in this. First thing that you must know is why this problem takes place? What is the reason at the back of a turned penis?

Universally called as the peyronie’s sickness, penile curvature is an end result of tough tissue budding on the tunica albugiena of the penis. A bump of tissue is collected around the hub of your penis, having a 30% curvature when stiff.

Peyonie’s is initiated in men who are aged between ‘40-70’, but a number of men in their teenage years have been detected with the state as well.

And here begins the main trouble. This little or small curve can effect your sex life into a painful and depressive state. Though a woman is made to take in the penis size of four to nine inches but their vaginas are not capable of  coping with the curved or twisted penis. But you can change this situation. You do not need to carry on your life with this difficulty.

On SizeGenetics we are going to provide you with type 1 clinical tool that is verified by the medial specialists to augment your penis size by thirty percent within 24 weeks time, and side by side also corrects penile angulations.

Within two to three hours of your daily routine you can easily boost your penis size by 2.5 to 2.75 inches and you will surely enjoy the result. You are definitely going to lead a confident and best sex life with your partner and you will also be able to experience new sex positions that your partner might not have thought about in her dreams.

If you use our top quality traction tool, you are going to provide your body with a secure and proven therapy for peyronie’s ailment without any threat of impotency.

So, for just £226.11 you can take advantage from following:

  • Top Medical Tool
  • Relieve add-on and additional parts
  • Online right to use the PenisHealth DVD
  • Right to access the Real sex for real people DVD
  • Online Seductive Massage DVD
  • Online right to see LoveCentria and 54+ DVD’s full of instructions and sexual positions, that can change your sexual life to fullest.

Experience a better and healthy sexual life with the help of our device. Show your partner the bigger and thicker you.

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